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    New Athletic
    Field Construction

    As a General Contractor, Fields in Grass is a leader in athletic field construction. We can serve as both your General Contractor or your Consultant. I have seen several projects that schools have signed off on and paid big dollars for that were a disaster from start to finish. Let Fields in Grass make sure you get what you are paying for.

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    Field Renovation

    There comes a time for every Athletic Field when renovation services will be necessary. Field in Grass will explore all options for your renovation project. We will provide you with a detailed estimate of what it will take to do the job to make your field the best and safest it can be.

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    Athletic Field
    Laser Grading

    Field in Grass believes that the backbone of a field is based on the quality of the grade. Much like the foundation of a house, poor foundation results in cracks in the wall. Poor grade results in poor drainage and unplayable fields. Get the grade Right and the rest is Easy!

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    We believe that trust is earned when we act with a heart of service, provide true value and seek a strong customer relationship.

    Cecil ‘Fig’ Newton graduated from SFAU where he played college football and earned his teaching certification. He has coached baseball and football for over 25 plus years. Cecil "Fig" Newton. During that time he has gained extensive knowledge of turf grass management and the art of making playing surfaces their very best.

    He has the hands on perspective of a coach and all that is involved in making your fields safe, playable and looking great. He understands the budgeting process and the limited funds that coaches have to work with and still finds a way to make your fields the best they can be.

    He truly has a passion for what he does.

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