Insecticide & Herbicide Treatments of Athletic Fields

Insecticide & Herbicide Treatments – Weedy turf does not afford the density necessary for safe footing for athletes and would not be desirable if high quality was demanded in high profile situations such as signature fields or professional sports fields.

Due to the nature of sports fields, voids left in the turf are soon occupied by aggressive, opportunistic weeds that can thrive in less than ideal soil conditions. The presence of weeds usually signifies a symptom of a problem; for example, knotweed thriving on compacted soils, annual bluegrass thriving in over irrigated sites.

Key focus of a good Insecticide & Herbicide Treatment Program:

Field in Grass licensed applicators can treat your fields for ants, cut worms, mole crickets, grubs and more. We also offer a pre/post emerge program that addresses your unwanted weeds and grasses.

Contact Field in Grass for a custom Insecticide & Herbicide Treatment program for your athletic fields.

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