Surface/Sub-Surface Drainage

Surface drainage is a direct reflection of the grade work that was performed initially. The amount of fall, the type of soil, and the distance the water has to travel are all relevant to how fast and well the field drains. Once the field is constructed, it is difficult and expensive to repair poor drainage issues short of blowing up the field and starting over.

One option, is a heavy top dressing with sand and Ag-planing the field. This process will help eliminate the high and low areas of the field but will not address grade or fall of the field. If the field has a good grade and fall but has “bird baths” then this is the best remedy and least expensive.

On the other hand, if the field does not have enough fall or if the water has to travel too far, then sub-surface drainage is the answer.

Fields in Grass recommends installing a Multi-Flow sub-surface drainage system. A Multi-Flow system uses vertically placed drain panels in the trench surrounded by sand in a herringbone design across the field and tied into a transport pipe to carry the water off the field.

Let Fields in Grass design a sub-surface drainage system for you that will virtually eliminate rain outs. You do not have to install artificial turf to eliminate rain outs!


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