Athletic Field Laser Grading

Fields in Grass believes that the backbone of a field is based on the quality of the grade. Much like the foundation of a house, poor foundation results in cracks in the wall. Poor grade results in poor drainage and unplayable fields.

Get the grade Right and the rest is Easy! We use a highly sophisticated dual plane laser system which enables us to apply two different slopes at the same time.

Athletic fields must be precisely graded so that water will run away from the play area and continue past the benches and sidelines. Without proper grading it is all but impossible to assure drainage.

Precision grading ensures that water flows easily off the field of play preventing puddling and excessive rain-outs or delays. Additionally, a smooth surface is safer for players and ensures a truer game by not interfering with ball roll.

Laser grading is offered to achieve the most accurate playing surface possible. Our equipment is automatically controlled by combining hydraulic and electronic equipment to smooth your areas to within 1/4 inch of specifications.


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