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Top Dressing and AG-Planing

Top Dressing and AG-Planing for Athletic Fields

AG-Planing is similar to Laser Grading and is used when your field is not yet in terrible condition but has obvious high and low areas that need to be addressed.

  • AG-Planing will level out both the low and high areas of your field rather than just adding sand or filler to the entire field.
  • AG-Planing is used in conjunction with our top dressing and re-shaping programs.

AG-Planing can correct your draining issues, making your fields have a more consistent playing surface while making them also safer.

Topdressing Athletic Fields is a key to maintaining safe and healthy turf. Topdressing aids thatch breakdown, increases smoothness, and helps with infiltration of surface water.

Topdressing will help smooth out the surface, but more importantly it fills the aerification holes with amendments to keep these channels open for air and water to move into the root zone.

Topdressing typically involves additional soil or sand added to a field’s surface to keep it level, control thatch and promote safe play. It should be part of any organization’s overall maintenance program. In fact, failure to implement a consistent topdressing program can negatively impact a field’s performance.

Let Fields in Grass help you with Top Dressing and AG-Planing of your Athletic Fields.


Top Dressing and AG-Planing


Top Dressing and AG-Planing


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