Athletic Fields: Construction, Renovation & Maintenance

Cultural Practices / Preventive Care

Good Cultural Practices along with a proper preventive care program is essential to having a quality athletic field.  Any cultural practice that increases the density and vigor of desirable turfgrasses will discourage competition from weeds.  A dense, wear-resistant sod is essential on athletic fields and play areas to provide playing safety, good footing and a pleasing appearance. A maintenance program for such a turf, is one that recognizes the special nature of the care involved.

Field in Grass does offer a customized annual maintenance program to address these Cultural Practices/Preventive Care issues that will fit your needs and budget.   See Annual Maintenance Program.

  • Aerification – Reduces compaction and improves the quality of turf.  It is a must for quality turf.
  • Top Dressing / Ag-Planing – Useful for leveling of uneven surfaces, better turf quality and drainage.
  • Overseeding – Fall over-seeding using a 3-way blend of perennial rye grass.  Depending on you area, you should have the rye planted by Mid-Oct.   Do not over-seed if you do not use the field in the off season!
  • Fertilization – Tailored to your specific field needs according to soil tests.  Fertilize is a must if you want quality turf.  Consider growth inhibitors for more dense turf and for reduced mowing and painting.
  • Pre & Post Emerge Treatment – The best way to prevent infestations  of weeds  and unwanted grasses like poa annua, crabgrass, goose grass and bahia grass.
  • Insecticide Treatment – Fire ants, army worms, cut worms, grubs, mole crickets.

Cultural Practices / Preventive Care
Cultural Practices / Preventive Care
Cultural Practices / Preventive Care


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